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DJ Doctor J - Entertainment Professional

“MUSICOLOGY AT ITS BEST” is what you experience when you listen to the awesome sounds of “Mr. Musicologist”,


Dj Doctor J. This Dj takes you on a musical journey everytime he plays. Growing up in The U.S. Virgin Islands,  Dj Doctor J (Pat Cunningham) became fascinated with the art of Djing at the age of 15. He was so intrigued by the combinations of songs, sounds and blends that the Djs would play at parties he attended and the effect it would have on the crowd. When Doctor J joined the U.S. Army, he was taught the art by a Dj from California (David Bruines).


Through the years, Dj Doctor J paid attention to his teachings and also developed a style of his own. After combining both lessons and experiences, his listeners like to call it "the art of “MUSICOLOGY”, Dj Doctor J truly enjoy what he does. Just listen to any of his mixes and or live perfomances. It’s definitely a musical experience to enjoy.


Dj Doctor J is a part of the ANKAH M.R.E team because just like the other members of the organization, he believes in ANKAH’s philosopy...that your event is meaningful and wanting to ensure that your event will be everything you want it to be.


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