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a thing that happens, especially one of importance.


Our company makes every effort to ensure your event truly occurs as defined above. With over 20 years of experience we are best suited to plan and create a memorable experience. We like to call it the "Ankah Experience".

Party Packages


Small Parties


Got a small crowd and need entertainment,  this package is great for those small indoor parties with Seventy-five (75) guest or less. DJ equipment is included with a wiredless microphone. Access your event portal to plan your event down to the smallest detail.


Duration: Three (3) hours or less

Metropolitan Atlanta only






Medium Parties


Are you celebrating a milestone birthday; 40th, 50th, 60th or more, why not have a grand affair for your guest count up to 100. This package was created for this type of event. As always, we provide all the audio equipment including a wireless microphone, MC Services, digital music library, event planning meetings, phone consultations, online planning portal 


Duration: Four (4) hours or less

Metropolitan Atlanta only



House / Corporate / Birthday

Fundraisers - Volunteering


Giving back


We at ANKAH love our Community and are willing to support other organizations that share this giving spirit. If you or your organization is involved in such projects, please contact us for an information session to identify how we can be of any assistance. 






Corporate Events


Corporate Affairs


Can be used for both indoor and outdoor events with up to 1000 guests and requiring loud volume. This package includes all DJ audio equipment, a digital music library,  wireless microphones, playlist planning, client or performers use of wireless microphones, unlimited phone consultations, up to 4 event-planning meetings, online event planning portal and MC services.


Duration: Eight (8) hours or less

Metropolitan Atlanta only



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