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DJ Tonic - Entertainment Professional

Born in the metropolitan city of Atlanta, Georgia, our youngest dj, Dj Tonic (Jojo Thompson) comes from a long family history of music and percussion. As the son of Dj Kavalier, he was exposed to the world of DJing and became passionate about learning the craft.  Since the age of thirteen, he has been developing his skills and has increased his popularity and respect rather quickly amongst his peers and adults alike. 


Tonic is also a very talented drummer. Herein is another skill and talent developed within his family. He has lead the school band through many competitions and victories. These percussion skills has fueled his interest in the melodic sounds and harmonies of genres such as Soca and Calypso. 


At age 8, he played for his first event, a Sweet  Sixteen. Every since, he has been the premier DJ for schools activities, school functions, Sweet Sixteens, picnics, graduation parties and parades, This musical experience can be relived by listening to a few of his mixes available here on this website.



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